Monday, January 15, 2018

Donald the Great

Donald Trump will be remembered as the greatest president in American history. And, knowing him, I am sure he would quickly agree. But our reasons for saying this would no doubt be very different.
Almost by accident, Trump has made us realize we have been taking our democracy for granted. Through his clearly racist exploitation of our differences, he has made us focus on our diversity only to be reminded (we always knew but had forgotten) that it is in that very diversity wherein lies our strength; e pluribus unum. By his blatant corruption and disregard of convention, he has made us realize how important it is to maintain honesty, transparency and competence in government. He has prompted us to go back to basics and re-examine our history and fundamental governing documents only to see that despite our sometimes troubled past, the American Republic has always moved forward in the direction of extending liberty and justice for all. Through his isolationist and xenophobic policies he has forced us to question our role in the world as economic and moral leader and prompted our allies to do the same, yet he has been unable to extinguish our quiet belief and pride in ourselves and in our ability to show others the way.
By his outrageous actions and offensive statements, he has placed his Party in the position of either outright opposition to him or tacit approval. For their own reasons, they have mostly chosen the latter, thus exposing their malignant greed and selfishness. The Party even seems more willing to tolerate foreign attacks on our democracy and suborn treason than defend the traditional values of the American Republic. This serves to remind us of the millions  of brave men and women in uniform who fought and continue to fight, yes, and die, to defend the very values that our leaders in government betray.
In short, Trump has forced all Americans to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves who are we as a nation?
But thanks to those very contemptible positions and statements, the answer to that question is slowly beginning to emerge like a mist lifting off a fertile plain. The more we understand who we are as a nation and the more we embrace that national identity, the faster the fog will lift. We have seen the beginnings in Virginia, in New Jersey, and most of all, in Alabama. We have seen it in the streets and airports filled with those giving voice to our fundamental values of tolerance, equality and compassion. We have seen it in citizens taking keen interest in civic affairs and expressing greater willingness to serve in public office. The real America is in the midst of a New Awakening which will begin in earnest this November when a new more accountable Congress will be elected, all thanks to Trump.
Next year, after the stench of appeasement is removed from the Capitol we will supplement our thanks with a hearty and heartfelt farewell to Donald the Great. Thank you and good riddance!